The sunken titanic of Saudi Arabia: The shipwreck of Haql

At the northern tip of the Red Sea, east of the Sinai Peninsula and west of the Arabian Peninsula the aqaba gulf is located, it’s filled with amazing hidden dive sites, ranging from natural sites like Dahab’s blue hole, to some accidental and intentional wrecks, and one of the most beautiful gems there is Georges G shipwreck.

Laying south of the beautiful city of haql, next to a beautiful golden sandy beach is the shipwreck which is over 40 years old!

Quick history about the shipwreck
Georgios G was built in England after the end of the Second World War, and in 1958 was launched as a cargo liner owned by several individuals and companies then it was bought by Amer Mohamad al Sanousi who used it to transport cargo in the aqaba gulf, the exact reason for it sinking is not really confirmed, but most experts speculate it was due to the engine failing and crashing in the shallow coral reef, luckily no one was hurt of the crew.

Why is visiting the shipwreck is a MUST?
the shipwreck is very close to the beach, which means it’s super easy to enter the wreck either snorkeling or scuba diving there, the corals growing on it are like no other and you can run into various big species like hammerhead sharks or giant moray eel!

What do you need to get there?
– you need to have a guide who knows the place really well or you can use Google maps to go there.
– you need to also to be properly equipped when it comes to having enough water and food as well as first aid kit incase of emergency since the closest hospital is around 60kms away.
– you need to also to have a permit if you’re going to go scuba diving there or camping from the closest coast guard office!
– you need to be atleast an advanced open water diver since the wreck can be pretty tricky! Also the deepest area in the wreck is residing at 80ft (25 meters) which is more than what an open water diver should dive to.

Why diving this wreck with us is the way to go?
We at the divetime we have native dive guides and instructors who grew up diving the red sea and are very experienced with it and would make sure that your dive trip is as fun as possible!
Hope you’ve enjoyed this article! You can read more about diving in Saudi Arabia from our blog!

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